We live in fascinating times. Like never before in human history, are we confronted with a global agenda that is staring us in the face that is scary and shocking and shaking us up in so many ways. We are “waking up” and it is amazing and wonderful but also very tough!
And when things get tough – I remind myself that I am (too) part of mother earth and take some time to reconnect to the effortless of just being alive…. Just like a tree. Supported by the earth as well as being guided and shone upon by the higher dimensions.

I am sharing with you part of my journey in life and especially these last 2 years which have often felt like one big global ceremony. A Ceremony that is very global and externally intense but at the same time so very personal for all of us and extremely internal.
It’s an invitation to fearlessly and with wide open eyes look at all that is happening and to acknowledge the insanity and darkness that is emerging, and then, at the same time, making a consious decision to choose love, empowerment, sovereignty, compassion and healing. Waking up is hard work and we need eachother now more then ever. To find our Tribe, our soul family and to engage with like-minded and hearted people to share this incredible journey with.
Please join me in this conversation that I feel we are going to have more and more these upcoming years.

As a professional coach for psychedelic integration, I assist people in their own process of personal growth and awakening as well as empower them to recognize their own unique, vital and important role in this global shift we are in.
In my practice, I meet people in person and on zoom.

And to all of you, who are so courageously navigating this huge global energetic shift – if you ever feel in need to talk or remember you are not alone, please feel free to reach out to me anytime for a sister-support call. We are in this together 🙂

Esther Wynhorst

Telegram: @heart_medicine